The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club runs Boys and Girls youth lacrosse programs in Truckee, California.


2017 Tribe Board Election Candidates

Hi Tribe! As our club grows, so does our need to find positive, energetic volunteers to take the lead.

Additionally, two big changes to our club have created the need to find new voices from among our membership:

1. Separation of the Youth and High School programs, leaving the Tribe with no current role at the High School level.

2. The successful addition of a robust and growing Girls program.

These two shifts in membership composition mean it would be great to add parents who have children at the youngest levels of the Tribe and parents with a child (or children) in the Girls program.

The following volunteers have expressed a strong interest in either continuing or becoming elected Members of the Truckee Tribe Board of Directors. At the request of the current Tribe Board, each has submitted a brief overview of his or her respective reasons for agreeing to accept the responsibilities that accompany Board Membership.

Please take a moment to review their statements prior to our upcoming election, which will be announced soon. Additionally, if any of you are interested a position on the Tribe Board, please contact me via email and we'll be sure your name is added to the ballot.


Pete Halberstadt


The candidates are presented in random order.





Lonnie Sortor - Incumbent


James "Cliffy" Clifford - Incumbent


Kristi Hood - New Candidate

Originally from upstate New York, I moved to Tahoe after graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in International Business. I've enjoyed living in Tahoe since 1996 where I can fulfill my love of the mountains, alongside my husband, Randy, and our two daughters. I'm enthusiastic about the Tahoe lifestyle and know the importance of finding a good life/work balance.  I find the new energy of the Truckee Tribe very exciting and would love to help continue to grow The Tribe and Lacrosse in Truckee.  

Thanks, Kristi


Jen Palmer - New Candidate

Hi! My name is Jen Palmer. I currently have 2 kids in the program, Seth 12u boys, and Sarah 12u girls.

When Seth started playing u9, I knew nothing about lacrosse, but I had a great time learning the game. With the addition of the girls team the following year, I realized I had a whole new set of rules to comprehend! Over the last few years, I have grown to love the sport and the Truckee Tribe organization. I've watched my kids learn so much from their coaches,  who dedicate so much of their time. I've seen the program grow exponentially, which is awesome.

I'd like to contribute my time and efforts in any way I can to help ensure the continued success of the Truckee Tribe. We are fortunate to be a part of the Tribe family, I'd love the opportunity to give back.

Jen P


Kyle Crezee - New Candidate

As a parent of two 10U boys that are just getting into the sport I see opportunity for the continued growth and success of the Truckee Tribe youth programs.  The Truckee Tribe is full of passionate athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers.  I would like to help this ‘family’ continue to move the Tribe in a positive direction.  I am new to the sport of lacrosse but have been involved in many other youth sport organizations throughout my life.  I believe that my experience with other youth sports like Skiing, Mountain Biking and Soccer can be a valuable asset to the Tribe.
In addition to coaching AYSO soccer, and a career in event management and production I have been actively involved in national and regional ski racing for many years and am currently serving as Far West Ski Racing Board member and Far West Alpine Competition Committee member.  Much of my Far West experience could be very applicable to the Truckee Tribe.
Thanks for the time.  I look forward to the continued success and growth of the Truckee Tribe.
Kyle Crezee